Impakt at Pro&Contra Symposium, Russia 7-10 November

Aether Addresses by Gabriel Menotti 2012



On November 9, Impakt’s artistic leader Arjon Dunnewind will participate in the Pro&Contra symposium, through three programs.

 LECTURE “Media art as a study of the urban environment — experience in creating festivals. MATRIX CITY

New media change the notion of public space. Public space is merging with virtual space where one influences and enhances the other: Augmented Reality, The Internet of Things, Ubiquitous Computing, etc. Urban culture is becoming media culture, more and more: jogging with your mp3 player, videos on mobile phones, digital graffiti, urban screens, video walls and architecture with integrated interactive technology. ‘Matrix City’ maps out the urban landscape as platform and source for inspiration for contemporary artists. The presentation sheds some light on the more political issues as the relationship between public space and private space and on the question who is in charge over public space. Also the city is presented as an immersive audiovisual environment, as a modal structure in which virtual and real systems merge.

PANEL DISCUSSION “MEDIA CULTURE AND INTERDISCIPLINARY PRACTICE: PROBLEMS OF TEACHING” Participants: Raivo Kelomees, Arjon Dunnewind, Olga Shishko, Olga Lukyanova, Olof van Winden, Maksim Rumyantsev, Natalia Kochorashvily

Current tendencies of media education development: what is the use and how great is the demand for philosophical reflection and methodology. Media education in Russia and worldwide: the ways of perfecting professional media education, including educational technologies. Representatives of educational institutions will discuss the way in which the drastic social and cultural changes during the last 20 years have influenced the system of art education, with the focus on educational programmes in the media culture field.

Hello – Matthijs Vlot (The Netherlands 2012, 2 mins)
The Third Man – Erik Bünger (The Netherlands / Germany / Sweden 2010, 50 mins)
You as an Anarchistic Dynamo in the Coordinate System – Linda Franke (The Netherlands / Germany 2012, 23 mins)

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