LabMIS São Paolo: Call for Residency Applications

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 = Please note this call is closed =

In 2014 and 2015, Impakt is glad to collaborate again with LabMIS, São Paolo, in organizing a two-way residency exchange between Brazil and the Netherlands. This residency is designated for 2 selected Dutch artists, headed to Brazil; and 2 selected Brazilian artists, coming to the Netherlands. The residencies are to take place between August 2014 and December 2015. Deadline for application: August 4, 2014.


LabMIS, the residency program of the Museum for Image and Sound in São Paulo, Brazil, will provide for Dutch artists to work at their premises, while Impakt welcomes a Brazilian artist in Utrecht.

Laboratório de Novas Mídias do Museu da Imagem e do Som (LABMIS – MIS’s New Media Lab), is a space for reflection, knowledge exchange and experimentation in new technologies. It works in the confluence between art, science and technology, offering space for actions of diffusion of digital culture, both for renowned and new artists, as well as researchers, students and non-specialized public.

Installed on the 2nd floor of the museum, it’s equipped with a workshop room, sound studio, interfaces workshop, post-production room for residents, lounge (with free wi-fi access) and auditorium. Besides national and international artistic residencies, we also offer classes, lectures and workshops for varied publics.

The application for Dutch artists to propose a project for LabMIS goes through Impakt, with the use of this Entryform.

Dutch artists and artists with a permanent visa permit for the Netherlands can apply for the residency at LabMIS São Paolo, that will be a two month-period between August 2014 and December 2015.

The application for Brazilian artists to propose a project for Impakt goes through LabMIS.


Short outline of the conditions:

– The hosting organization selects the artists to attend their organization: LabMIS selects the Dutch artists, Impakt selects the Brazilian artists.

– The hosting institution, welcoming the artist in residence, will provide for accommodation, a studio, technical facilities and a maximum fee of 1000 euros for the period of two months. This fee will be proportionally reduced in case of a residency shorter than 60 days (e.g. the fee for a 30-days residency would be EURO 500).

– For a 60-day residency we offer the artist an allowance (food and local transports) reimbursed up to EURO 1000,00 (one thousand euros). This allowance will be proportionally reduced in case of a residency shorter than 60 days (e.g. the allowance for a 30-days residency would be EURO 500).

– The hosting institution reimburses a production budget up to EURO 700,00 (seven hundred euro) for the acquisition of materials/devices for the development of the Brazilian artist’s project. The materials bought from this budget will remain property of Impakt. Impakt may allow the artist to keep certain materials if Impakt feels the materials are of no use to Impakt.

– The partner organization covers the travel costs of one round trip of the selected artist.

– You may apply as an artist duo or group. Please note that the financial conditions do not change in case you do.

– Impakt does not own a gallery space. The concrete outcome of the residency will not (necessarily) result in the format of an exhibition.

We are looking forward to your proposal until the deadline of August 4, 2014.


International Artists:

Please also see our current call for Impakt Works Residency applications, the Impakt residency program in Utrecht (NL).



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