New Artist in Residence announcement: Jeff Thompson

Jeff Buckwild


We’re happy to announce that Jeff Thompson will be our upcoming resident artist.
Jeff ‘s (1982, USA) work is centered on the idea of data as text and artistic material, one that can be read, parsed and critiqued like a novel. Specifically, he looks to culturally- and personally-derived data sets such as music libraries, ringtones, or the pixels of a photograph as a source. His process is often a form of conceptually- and technologically-mediated remix.
Many of his recent project have focused on the idea of the photograph, specifically what photographs mean when the created computationally, algorithmically, or though cameras that are not directed by human or aesthetic decision-making. For example, his project “Every Possible Photograph” attempts to “use up” a digital camera by creating every possible combination of pixels. While an impossible task, along countless gibberish would be pictures of everyone, in the past and in the future, and things that will never happen.
The project Jeff will be working on extends this idea, attempting to create self-aware cameras that do not just record images, but can consider what they contain. The “Mirror Test” was developed to test self-awareness by psychologist Gordon Gallup in 1970, and this project will be based on this test. Thompson will be writing software that allows a computer to recognize other computers via video or still images.

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