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Impakt joins DROPSTUFF.NL in Venice with DEUS 2011! 1 - 30 June 2011


Dutch Experiments on Urban Screens
Innovative visual culture in public spaces
From June 2011, within the DROPSTUFF.NL programming in the Netherlands and Venice’s 54th Biennale, the Impakt Festival has been invited to make a short selection of Dutch films, video clips, and interactive projects. We call it DEUS: Dutch Experiments on Urban Screens. The best that Dutch audiovisual culture has to offer at this time. During the course of the year Impakt invites artists to develop interactive works that explore and innovate the urban screen as a medium. In DEUS 2011 art steps out of its comfort zone and becomes part of the urban-media environment.
Participating artists in DEUS: Manon Bovenkerk, Floris Kaayk, Gerard Holthuis, Martha Colburn, Persijn Broersen / Margit Lukács, Ola Vasiljeva, Wayne Horse, Frank Koolen, Andre Bergs and Jasper Elings.

Enjoy the DEUS 2011 selection on the 3 DROPSTUFF.NL urban screens in Venice:

-Campo San Vio, (near the Guggenheim museum) -The Riva Ca‘ di Dio quay at Arsenale-Campo Sant’ Angelo, between the Rialto bridge and St. Mark’s Square.
And for the Dutchies who skip Venice, check DEUS 2011 as part of the DROPSTUFF.NL programming on the regular DROPSTUFF.NL urban screens in train stations and public squares throughout the Netherlands.

Currently the programming of DEUS is as follows:

Manon Bovenkerk – Eden
Wayne Horse – Walross
Jasper Elings – Sharing a Beautiful Sunset
Manon Bovenkerk – Ms providenskia
Wayne Horse – Punch

Frank Koolen – Maan/Moon
Ton Meijdam, Thom Snels, Béla Zsigmond – Kapitaal

Manon Bovenkerk – Polka
Frank Koolen – Welcome to My Brain
Ton Meijdam, Thom Snels, Béla Zsigmond – Pimp My Planet
Wayne Horse – Flying Cars

André Bergs, Kevin Megens, Floris Vos, Arno de Grijs – Pivot
Ola Vasiljeva – Lionel

Roel Wouters – zZz is playing Grip
Ton Meijdam, Thom Snels, Béla Zsigmond – Battery Cage

Roel Wouters –  zZz is playing Grip
Ton Meijdam, Thom Snels, Béla Zsigmond – Battery Cage

Ton Meijdam, Thom Snels, Béla Zsigmond – The Watchers
Wayne Horse – Die Orgie

Check the website for more up-to-date information.
The DEUS 2011 selection is made possible with financial support of the Netherlands Film Fund.
DEUS 2011 is a cooperation between Impakt and DROPSTUFF.NL