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Top Goon’s director Jameel on the NOS news

Director Jameel


The Dutch news station NOS made a report in the NOS news on Top Goon, the satirical puppet show about Syria on October 18.
Top Good is a production of the Masasit Mati collective. Jameel, director of this collective is in The Netherlands to be present at the Impakt Festival in the PANORAMA EVENT #3: RIGID REGIMES:

Satirically approaching Syria’s regime is far from risk free. Amid the threatening political situation, the Masasit Mati collective nevertheless tries to put a smile on people’s faces with their online video series Top Goon. They use finger puppets to ridicule Assad’s regime. Masasit Mati member Jameel (pseudonym) will be our guest at Impakt.

Jameel is also a guest at the Prince Claus Fund for a debate on the creative resistance in Syria.

Visit the website of the NOS for an interview with Jameel by foreign affairs journalist Esther Bootsma.

Visit Top Goon’s Youtube Page (Videos in Arabic, with English subtitles).