Jeroen Jongeleen’s presentation at UNMA#5: Tagging the City – Full version

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The UNMA is an Impakt Event organized in collaboration with z25, and Utrecht University (Master New Media & Digital Culture). The central topic of the Utrecht New Media Night #5:Tagging the City was the new digital graffiti practices, and how to establish alternative communicative systems that remain bottom-up and subversive.

The Rotterdam-based artist Jeroen Jongeleen, Influenza, presents subtle interventions, which seem to target advertisements, architectural structures and signs that regulate public behavior.

During the Utrechtse New Media Night #5 ‘Tagging the City’ one of the project he presented is “Plastic bags,” where he works with found materials to make statements that encourage viewers to tilt their heads and see the city and its architecture from a different perspective.
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De UNMA is een Impakt Event georganiseerd in samenwerking met z25, en de Universiteit Utrecht (Master New Media & Digital Culture).