John Butler, Impakt Event: Resynthesizing Reality

Alarming, short clips that call into mind infomercials and Public Announcements: to John Butler it’s the most appropriate medium to criticize our current conditions of existence. Governments and corporations use certain codes when they address us, as citizen or as consumer. This idiom is one of Butler’s main sources of inspiration. His works are text based and a strong graphic form with 3D visuals. Although the message is fictionalised, the content of his work looks quite familiar. It’s built up from various, recognizable elements from our society. In Resynthesizing Reality Butler talked about his inspirations, the use of existing material, but also his techniques and how they originate in propaganda films. He for instance showed excerpts from “The War Game” (1965) by Peter Watkins.

To make a living Butler knocks out tabloid newspaper adverts and computer animations. As an artist, he prefers to use his techincal skills to make provoking alternatives/variants to his assignment work, that are often misinterpreted. He shows these short animations on the internet and at international media festivals.

John Butler also gave a three day workshop called Synthetic Information, on Tuesday 28, Wednesday 29 February and Thursday 1 March. He guided the participants into making their own graphic clip of ironic propaganda. The results was broadcasted on Urban Screens in Amsterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven.