Support Matthias Fritsch, Win €200,- #technoviking



You probably know Technoviking. The video of the dancing viking in Berlin became one of the first Internet memes, widely copied, remixed and spread since it first appeared on Youtube in 2000.

But did you also know the maker of this video, Matthias Fritsch, has been in and out of court rooms in Germany for the past three years, since the viking in the video demands his images be taken offline. All of them. Unaware of the impossibility of ‘deleting’ something from the Internet, German courts decided in favor of the now famous techno dancer.

In order to cover his legal costs and fines, Fritsch will make a documentary about this case, one of the first to test the borders of free culture and to push for new laws in how memes are handled from a legal standpoint today.

If you care about the way the law deals with contemporary internet culture, please donate. We sure did, as Impakt will be an Associate Producer in Matthias’ film, donating €500,-.

To show that we care, we give out €200,- to the best, funniest, most heart-warming, most technoviking comment on the project’s Indiegogo page.

Next to this we’ll give away a unique Technoviking sculpture by Japanese artist Shinya Yamaoka.

Here’s what you do:

1)   Tweet, post, share the link to Matthias’ page, using #technoviking.

2)   Donate and place a PUBLIC COMMENT over here.
Please comment in ENGLISH.

3)   Send an e-mail to containing your comment.

4)   That’s it.

After the deadline, on 17 August, we will pick the best comment, and the winner will be announced on our Facebook page. We will contact you in order to get you your prize.

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