Jean-Charles Hue – Impakt Artist in Residence



The french artist Jean-Charles Hue is currently artist-in-residence at Impakt. Hue works in the field of video and his films explore the status of human beings of today. Through his films the spectator is taken into different lives, situations and atmospheres. Hue balances between the real and fiction in order to create works of a tense sensibility. His protagonists are never vulgar but filmed with great sensitivity, without judging. Hue’s work is about the interest of life’s variety and how human beings live this variety.


In 2005 and 2006 Impakt invited Hue to the Impakt festival, where his work had great success. The artist was awarded with the golden award in 2005 for his work “Quoi de neuf Docteur?” (2004, video, 08:20 min). This movie focuses on a spirited adolescent and the viewer gets an intimate fragment of the boy’s nonchalant way of living life. In 2009 Impakt festival screened his work “Y’a plus d’os”, which can be watched on the Impakt Channel.


His current work at Impakt treats the power tattoos have in the belief of their bearers. Based on a story about the battle of tattoos in a Parisian bar in the 1940s, the tattooed test the spiritual potency of the symbols they bear.


Born in 1968, Hue received his fine arts degree in 2000 at the Ecole Nationale d’Arts de Cergy Pontoise, France. Ever since, his works were exhibited on festivals, e.g. “Bandits-mages” (Bourges, France) or the “Videoex” (Zürich, Switzlerand). Jean-Charles Hue is an internationally working and exhibiting media artist, taking part in group shows, having solo shows and screening on festivals.

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