Reframing the Off Narratives: Media Art in Indonesia 18 November 2014

still iqra
Impakt Headquarters
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In this Impakt Festival, two guest from Indonesia will present their work: Otty Widasari (1973) and Manshur Zikri (1991). They have worked together in the Jakarta based media art community Forum Lenteng, but have also organized several individual projects. They will present their own work and works from other major Indonesian artists.

Technology landed in Indonesia without bringing the history of the discovery of its idea. At the same time, the general Indonesian people who embrace the new technological commodity primarily set their mind as consumers. These circumstances led a lot of Indonesian artists to use new media in order to comment on social and political issues.
It’s common in Indonesia to see the role of art as a tool for social criticism rather than a philosophical platform related to technology. Many artists engage themselves on a local level, addressing local issues, and incorporating local characteristic in their work.

Based on these observations, Manshur Zikri will present three films from Indonesian artists: Iqra by Ari Satria Darma (2005, 2 mins), Alam: Syuhada by Hafiz (2005, 9 mins) and Segala Dipacok by Aria Kamandanu (2007, 2 mins). These works could be seen as representative regarding the role of art and technology in Indonesian society. In his presentation Manshur will also address how interactive media art works, presented in galleries and developments in media art in Indonesia related to the way in which artists engage with their audience and to the use of archives and distributuin as elements of artistic practice.

During her residency Otty Widasari will research the images produced by film camera users during the Dutch colonization in Indonesia. Film was brought from Europe to Indonesia, and at the end of colonial time it could still be considered a fairly new medium. It was used as a medium of documentation, for home movies and for aesthetic purposes. The results of these recordings were brought back to The Netherlands, the native continent, and archived as historical material. Hours and hours of footage went acrossed time and space, to give a wide range of perspectives on the culture in which the images were made.

The residency project of Otty Widasari will look at the relationship between Indonesia and The Netherlands through the medium of film, trying to read film archives as platforms for discourse. When these archives are interpreted in the context of today, they will not only allow a personal analysis of the Dutch-Indonesian past but also bring up the possibility of an entirely new aesthetic. The results of Widasari’s research in Dutch archives will be reinterpreted in the form of videos, and sketches made during the research.

Otty Widasari is resident artist in the Impakt Works program and presented her work “Jabal Hadroh, Jabal Al Jannah” at the Impakt Festival 2014.

Manshur Zikri is the first resident curator that visits Impakt in the framework of an exchange program between the Jakarta based artist initiative Ruangrupa and Impakt

This Event, the two residencies and Otty Widasari’s presentation at the Impakt Festival are supported by DOEN