Daniel Cockburn – Impakt Artist in Residence



Canadian artist Daniel Cockburn will be staying with Impakt for a residency. Since 1999, writer, filmdirector and video-artists Daniel Cockburn has worked at the intersection between art, avant-garde cinema and narrative film. Impakt first screened his work at the 2004 festival. His first feature length film You Are Here won the Top Prize at the European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück this year.
During the residency, he’ll give a workshop and a performance and he will make a video work for Impakt’s Urban Sceen program DEUS. The workshop ‘Scriptwriting and Performance for Film/Video/Urban Screens’ takes place from Tuesday 29 November to Thursday 1 December, and the presentation ‘All the Mistakes I’ve Made’ takes place on 1 December. Both events will be at the Impakt Headquarters.

Daniel is also presenting two pieces at WORM in Rotterdam: You Are Here screens on November 30th, and on December 2nd he will present Schizopolis as his choice film.

Daniel Cockburn was artist in residence from of 27th of November till Sunday the 4th of December 2011.


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