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Live Blog: YouTube Battle



After a week rich in musical and visual events, this year’s edition of Impakt appropriately culminated in a fired up YouTube Battle. Filmmakers and members of the audience alike engaged in a tight-paced competition, taking their best shots at surprising us with the most hidden gems of the popular video cauldron. Some of the clips shown were vintage 80s TV memorabilia, others meme mash-ups, others videoclips or YouTube-specific series, but they were all quite unique and hilarious. Check out some of the best ones below.

Some funny ads:

Panda Cheese

Nolan’s Cheddar

Adam and Eve Ad

Ojai Valley Taxidermy

Great dance moves:

Hedonism 2 with “Hedo Rick”

Un rayo de sol

TV gold:

Let’s paint, exercise and blend drinks

Shagged by a rare parrot

Music clips:

Food Should Taste Good Dance-off Winner

George Washington

More gems:

Slayer, Angel of Death in Church

Indian Beatles

Transformer Owl

Art Thoughtz: How to be a Successful Artist

Third place:

Dubstep Parrot

And the winner:

Breakdancing at an Iranian Wedding (in 1991)

Some people just couldn’t get enough of this, and the YouTube Battle led its own life on Facebook after the festival was over: Proof
You guys should try having a YouTube Battle at home yourself, it’s pretty fun. See you next year!