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As an international festival, Impakt invites many international colleagues to Utrecht each year. We want to get the most out of this unique gathering, and that is why we facilitate meeting up and exchange. This takes the form of the informal professionals programme to connect our international and local network.

About the programme
A diner with statements by artists, a cozy drink, an expert-meeting, or an artist-curator meetup: the professionals programme offers an additional informal programme to the festival as frame for meeting up and exchanging. The topic of the professionals programme is related to the main topic of the festival, but specifically focuses on relevant issues within our shared practice. This year’s programme will be announced in September.

For whom?
For international and local professionals in media, art, academics and technology. We invite programmers, curators, festival-organizers, policymakers and artists to take part in the professionals programme.

Want to attend?
Interested in attending the professionals programme? Please send an email to with reference to ‘Attending the professionals programme’. Deadline is October 8.

Professionals can apply for accreditation to the festival. Upon acceptance, accredited professionals receive a passepartout to the festival and exhibition.

Request Accreditation