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John Butler – The Ethical Governor (United Kingdom 2010, 8:00 mins.)

Produced in the mock-serious tone of an intragovermental presentation Butler’s Ethical Governor uses black humor to skewer the ethical problems of autonomous drone strikes. In […]

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Alessandro Ludovico and Paolo Cirio – Face to Facebook (Italy 2011, 01:20 mins)

Stealing 1 million Facebook profiles, filtering them with face-recognition software, and then, posting them on a custom-made dating website, sorted by their facial expressions characteristics. […]

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Gordan Savicic – Web 2.0 Suicide Machine (The Netherlands 2009, 03:34 mins)

The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine is a service that helps users tired of MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter, to “commit suicide in social networks”, by automatically […]

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Meiro Koizumi – My Voice Will Reach You (Japan 2009, 11:26 mins.)

Unfortunately this video is not available on Impakt Channel. Dislocation and the fetishization of relationships underlie the work of Japanese artist Meiro Koizumi and no […]

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