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Richard Fenwick – The Box (UK 2007, 9:15)

A city dweller’s anonymous life suddenly becomes the subject of a mysterious televised signal. A spooky conceptual thriller that shows the way everyday world goes […]

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Yuri A – “S” (Switzerland, 2008, 12:20 min)

Cakes in general only evoke good feelings, while farts, some of the most common substances around, shock, repel and offend. But the consequence of a culinary dish is always […]

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Hendrick Dusollier- Babel (France, 2010, 15:00 min)

From the celestial mountains to the peak of Shanghai’s towers, two young peasants leave their village to get to the metropolis. BIO:Hendrick Dusollier (1974, France) graduated […]

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Emilia Ukkonen – Self Portrait (Finland, 2007, 06:15 min)

“The video Self Portrait is a portrayal of expectations and desires. A small-town girl wants to be someone. This semi autobiographical video challenges the motivations of my own actions, […]

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In Ictu Ocoli – Greta Alfaro

In Ictu Oculi is a work about the vulnerability of life on the appearance of absolute control that we are trying to create around us, and on violence as something perpetually dormant but always perceived as something extraordinary or extraneous.

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