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Emile Zile – Larry Emdur’s Suit (Australia 2002, 9:15 mins)

‘Zile is chosen as a contestant on The Price is Right. He comes-on-down, gliding and shuffling. He shrugs, waves his hands, twitches and finishes up […]

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Jonathan Caouette – All Flower in Time ( USA 2010, 13:00 mins.)

Unfortunately this video is not available on Imapkt Channel, but you can see it here: “I am not from this place,” declares a French cowboy. […]

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Halflifers – Waystation (USA 1996, 4:50 Mins.)

A strange Good Samaritan figure in a vivid red suit takes pity on a retching soldier who drags himself through the vile green, almost toxic […]

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John Michael Boling & Javier Morales – Body Magic (USA 2006, 2:33 MINS.)

This video shows a re-edited version of found footage of dancing teenagers from a TV show sponsored by Barbie. The artists added their own soundtrack […]

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