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Ammar Al-Beik – The Sun’s Incubator

The Sun’s Incubator (2011) by Ammar Al-Beik plays with our stereotypical expectations – it opens with a scene of a man washing his hands making the water red – instantly, we think of blood, but a few seconds later we realize he is rinsing out red paint from the brushes which he used to paint a protest slogan. Al-Beik gives us an insight into a young family’s life entwined with the events of the Arab Spring – the demonstrations against Mubarak in Egypt and the death of a 13-year-old Syrian boy who was arrested, terribly tortured and killed during the protests in Daara. We follow these events together with the family through TV screens as we see them getting ready and leave for a protest. After the shocking report about the Syrian child martyr on TV we witness as a baby is born to the family. Misery and hope come hand-in-hand in this film.