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Beyond Language – George Barber

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Beyond Language is an attempt to convey expression and emotion without words.  Two people are trying to convey feelings to each other on a city overpass.  Little camerawork is used and the piece is achieved in just one take.

The work might be thought of as ‘drip painting’ with the human voice.  Jackson Pollack famously tried to get beyond rationality and culture, so that his whole being simply became a vehicle to express himself through paint.  He tried to disengage his mind.

In Beyond Language two women attempt to ‘throw’ sounds in an irrational fashion, making patterns that seem to suggest meaning but in fact are just unrecognized noises.  Like Pollock, they are attempting to use their voice and express themselves in a totally irrational, pre-cultural fashion.  To be creative in a non-word based, abstract, non pictorial or literal fashion.