Dan Hassler-Forest (Moderator) 25 October 2017


Dan Hassler-Forest has a background in film and television studies and English literature. He worked for several years as a lecturer in Media Studies and English Literature at the University of Amsterdam, where he defended his dissertation on the ideological and ideological aspects of superhero films after 9/11. From 2011 until 2015, he worked as assistant professor in the English literature department at the University of Amsterdam, before moving to Utrecht University in 2015.

His first book was a collection of essays on comics and graphic novels published in October 2010. His monograph Capitalist Superheroes, published by Zero Books in 2012, offers a critical analysis of the political implications of the 21st-century superhero movie. His short book Transmedia: Storytelling in the Digital Age was published (in Dutch) by Amsterdam University Press in 2013. A co-edited collection on adaptation studies and convergence culture titled The Politics of Adaptation: Media Convergence and Ideology appeared in 2015. His newest book Science Fiction, Fantasy and Politics: Transmedia World-building Beyond Capitalism will be published in August 2016 by Rowman & Littlefield International. Together with Matt Hills, he co-edits the book series “Transmedia: Participatory Culture and Media Convergence” for Amsterdam University Press. He is currently working on a comics studies handbook and an edited collection on the transmedia history of the Star Wars franchise.

Dan is also a regular contributor to various journals and publications, including Science Fiction Film and TelevisionAdaptationThe Journal of Popular Culture, and Studies in Comics. He is a frequent public speaker, collaborating with many cultural institutions such as the John Adams Institute, EYE Film Museum, Felix Meritis, Spui25, De Rode Hoed, and College Club. He is also a recurring presence in the Dutch news media, giving interviews for television, radio, and the printed press on film and television culture.

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