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Final Public Lecture: Impakt Festival Fellow Mercedes Bunz 12 December 2011

15:00 – 17:00 (followed by drinks)
U-Theater Studio T

Centre for the Humatities (Utrecht University) presents: Final Public Lecture Impakt Festival Fellow Mercedes Bunz

The Internet allows the citizen to interact with governments and politicians in a different way. The potential, but also the boundaries of the new five-minute activism has to be explored and analysed. New techniques from data visualisation to developing applications or design websites like or allow further interaction – but this also fragmentizes the citizens for not all people know how to use these tools. While the new tools and possibilities activate a political potential of us citizens and enable more plurality, they also threaten the equality of all citizens – now some citizens can do more than others. The representative democracy is based on a division of labour in which all citizens had the same rights. Now this division of labour reaches the citizens. How can we tackle this problem in a democracy? What do we all need to know, and what do we only need to be able to learn?