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Impakt Does VJ op de Dom 23 September 2011

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The Dom tower will be on fire on Friday September 23, with VJ op de Dom 2011. This yearly event from Treaty of Utrecht has appeared two times before with successful events called DJ op de Dom (in 2009 and 2010), with thousands of dancing visitors. – Click here for the video of this event

The visuals by Born Digital were so spectacular, that the name ‘DJ op de Dom’ is exchanged with ‘VJ op de Dom’. This doesn’t mean no dancing anymore: with live music and the ‘nightmayor’ of Utrecht Boemklatsch and other DJ’s, it’s hard to just stand there. But most of all, it means that the Dom tower and the Dom square will look better than ever, in cooperation with Z25, Born Digital, Holland Animation Film FestivalNederlands Film Festival and of course Impakt.

Impakt presents: Ola Vasiljeva and Stellar OM Source

Impakt will present a delightful part of the program, with two true sound- and visual artists.

Producer, DJ, visionary artist, architect and electronic musician Christelle Gualdi is a busy Parisienne. With her music project Stellar OM Source she’ll move the visitor in a nice trance. It’s hard to resist her feather light beats and hypnotic synthesizer virtuosity. Together with visual artist Ola Vasiljeva she developed a site specific audiovisual performance for the Dom tower. Vasiljeva picks up all kinds of images from pop- and subcultures, pulls them out of context, and gives a lo-fi twist to it with her handmade illustrations. It all results in surprising video art that messes with the mind. For VJ op de Dom, she’ll mash up images from the Utrecht archive.

This and more will be shown on Friday, September 23, from 21:30 on the Domplein in Utrecht. For free.