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Moon – Frank Koolen

Maan, Frank Koolen, 2011.

An unexpectedly restless portrait of a neighbouring celestial body.

Interview with Frank Koolen

Description/ summary of the work, thoughts on the work:

‘Maan’ is an unexpectedly restless portrait of a neighbouring celestial body. I don’t especially like the moon but I do like showing it as if it had too much coffee.

Could you please tell us something about yourself and your artistic background?

I studied at the School for the Arts Utrecht, De Ateliers and the Rijksakademie both in Amsterdam. My work consists of photos, drawings, sculptures, installations and videos. My work can be described as an ongoing search for the ideal combination between the beauty of discovery and the happiness of recognition. A moment in which the everyday and the magical seem to collide, creating unexpected logic. Maybe this logic is an equivalent to my notion of the absurd but at the same time I’m looking for possibilities to reactivate the meaning of an (sometimes generally known) image or idea by changing or rearranging its context.

Tell us something about the initial idea and the work process.

Most of the film was shot trying to get closer to the moon while riding a bike.

How did you make your choices concerning cutting, music etc?

Most of the time there was a lamppost in the picture I disliked because of the disturbance of the overall aesthetics. I therefore cut out al the moments the lamppost was in the frame and what was left became this video.

Looking back – would you have done something different if known before? 

Don’t think so. Maybe I would have tried to keep out the lamppost some more.

On what new project are you working at the moment?

Always on too many things at the same time. Most interesting being an exhibition based around a pot holder knitted by Marcel Broodthaers daughter.