Starship – Bernard Gigounon

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Gigounon shows that alien objects landed on earth ages ago and that we do not even have to look that hard to find them.

Interview with Bernhard Gigounon

Description/ summary of the work, thoughts on the work:

If we consider the sea as a mirror the boat waterline turns into a symmetry axis and the ships seem to float in the sky like in the science-fiction film’s architecture

Could you please tell us something about yourself and your artistic background?

I am a sculptor and I am interested in the transformation of common things (that surround us daily) by fairly simple process.

Tell us something about the initial idea and the work process.

As mentioned above I’m a sculptor. If I had the opportunity to weld two identical boats I will. The video is nomad, the sculpture is much more sedentary. Whatever this video is very nomad because it speaks about ships and transports. This video crosses the seas and the lands without stopping…I doubt that sculpture can do the same.

How did you make you choices concerning cutting, music etc?

The relationship between images and music is essential to me.

For this video I wanted slow images and I took my time to realize a video contemplative, peaceful and disturbing at a time.

I love filming with a camera on a tripod, static shots can say many things like a sharp and gaze look.
To make this video I worked on the music by Richard Strauss (hommage to 2001 Space Odyssey) I don’t want the music to be recognized so I mixed and completely reworked it.

Looking back – would you have done something different if known before?

It’s a funny question, this video is what it is, it is done with three francs and six cent (for a song/cheap). I would like to film from the pontoon bridge I’ve tried but tit was hard to get permission so I gave up.
Usually I work alone and sometimes with bad galleries. It is not easy in Belgium…artists have much in common with Zorro.

Having said that I realized another video that has a relationship between the boats and science fiction, but it did not have success (even Impakt rejected )….

looking down from bernard gigounon on Vimeo.

I really like this video even if  in my opinion works must always be different othervise what’s new if  If I show the same video with the same format

On what new project are you working at the moment?

I’ve just buit my own house and it took me a long time!

I’m working  with musicians and I went back to sculpture and installations: I’m trying to realize a  video in the music field and I am looking for a competent gallery.