Thought Collider & Dave Young



Thought Collider is an art, design and research practice based in Amsterdam and London, exploring metabolic processes, bodies and spaces.

It comprises the work of Mike Thompson (UK) and Susana Cámara Leret (ES), experimenting with the meanings and values that can be derived from alternative ways of experiencing built and mediated environments, motivated by emergent nature cultures.

Dave Young is an artist and researcher based in Nottingham. His practice follows critical research into digital culture, manifested through workshops, website development, and talks on subjects varying from cybernetics and the Cold War history of network technologies, to issues around copyright and open source/free culture.

He is founder of Localhost, a forum for discussing, dismantling and disrupting network technologies, with past events focusing on Google’s entry into media art curation, and the role of analog radio as a potential commons in the digital age. He has presented workshops and given talks at institutions and festivals internationally, including at Edinburgh College of Art, V2 Rotterdam, Furtherfield, LiWoLi, and Transmediale.