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Welcome To My Brain – Frank Koolen

‘Welcome to my brain’ shows a scan of the brain of the artist while he’s, very concentrated, thinking of the use of this specific video. It’s an intimate visit to a strangers most personal organ.

Interview with Frank Koolen

Could you please tell us something about yourself and your artistic background?

I studied at the School for the Arts Utrecht, De Ateliers and the Rijksakademie both in Amsterdam. My work consists of photos, drawings, sculptures, installations and videos. My work can be described as an ongoing search for the ideal combination between the beauty of discovery and the happiness of recognition. A moment in which the everyday and the magical seem to collide, creating unexpected logic. Maybe this logic is an equivalent to my notion of the absurd but at the same time I’m looking for possibilities to reactivate the meaning of an (sometimes generally known) image or idea by changing or rearranging its context.

Tell us something about the initial idea and the work process.

I was afraid I had a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball in my brain. Therefore I volunteerd myself for a medical experiment. Just before the scan, which was part of the experiment, I decided to turn this negative thought into something else for good luck. This ‘Welcome to my brain’ idea was the first that came up. Afterwards I asked and reluctantly got the images of the scan. My brain looked pretty normal and didn’t show any signs of a tumor.

How did you make your choices concerning cutting, music etc?

The scan was based on hundreds of photos, so in fact it’s a stop-motion film. I just stuck them one after another.

Looking back – would you have done something different if known before? 

Dress warmer. A MRI-scanning device can get pretty cold.

On what new project are you working at the moment?

Always on too many things at the same time. Most interesting being an exhibition based around a pot holder knitted by Marcel Broodthaers daughter.