Impakt Festival 2018: Post-Truth

Impakt festival 2017, Utrecht;


In 2018 the Impakt annual program will center around the urgent and topical notion of Post-Truth. The Impakt Festival 2018 will take place in the last week of October.

How did we end up with a defeatist concept like Post-Truth? The Internet, social media and new communication technologies hold a great potential to support an open, diverse and stable democracy. Yet, we find ourselves confronted with alternative facts, conspiracy theories, filter bubbles, and a decline in the quality of news and journalism. What are the structural and systemic causes that brought about these recent phenomena? How do technological mechanisms interact with societal change? And how can we harness the potential of contemporary and future media to create a positive approach to information, facts and opinions?

The Impakt Festival 2018 will be curated by a team consisting of Luba Elliott (UK), Alex Anikina (UK/Russia) and Yasemin Keskintepe (Germany). Read more about them here.