New York Post Tells The Truth (2009) by The Yes Men 9 February - 17 March 2019

Mike Bonnano (left), Andy Bichlbaum (right) (credit Nate Igor Smith)

New York Post Tells The Truth
The Yes Men
USA, 2009
Installation and video, 02:33 min

Often employing media strategies to expose current political and social issues, The Yes Men turned the tables on the media in their work New York Post Tells the Truth. While appearing to create a fake newspaper, the artists actually provided facts backed by climate change experts that were thoroughly checked by a team of editors. This replica of the New York Post, highlighting the city’s environmental problems and possible solutions, was distributed by volunteers in the streets of New York City one day before the UN summit on climate change. In this way the artists successfully produced lies that exposed the truth, thus creating an inversion of the post-truth paradigm.

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