IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] presents critical and creative views on contemporary media culture and explores issues at the intersection of society, digital culture, technology and media from different perspectives and disciplines, such as art, science and politics. 

What we do

IMPAKT is a media arts organization based in Utrecht and founded in 1988. Through talks, screenings, exhibitions and the annual IMPAKT Festival, we present critical and creative views on contemporary media culture and arts, in an interdisciplinary context. By focusing on the relationship between society, media, technology and arts, we examine issues around politics, science and popular culture, presenting creative and innovative perspectives and  critical ideas on dominant perceptions towards arts and societal beliefs at large. 

Throughout the year, we organise a variety of activities, such as residency programmes, exhibitions, panels, artist talks, presentations and screenings. Our main project is the annual IMPAKT Festival, a five-day multimedia event that includes exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, panels, performances, presentations, and artist talks at locations in Utrecht, the Netherlands and online at Planet IMPAKT.

On the IMPAKT Channel we present online art projects, along with curated programmes featuring film and video art. With the IMPAKT Archive, we offer a digital version of IMPAKT’s screening history, dating back to the first IMPAKT Festival in 1988.Feel free to have a look. 

Visiting, Tickets, Terms & Conditions


During exhibitions you can visit IMPAKT from Wednesday to Sunday
Opening hours: 12:00 – 18:00


For specific event ticket prices, please refer to the “What’s on” page.
For IMPAKT Exhibition:
Regular: €5,-
Discount (Student, CJP, Upas, <18): €4,-


You can read our Terms and Conditions on this page:

Read more here at Visit IMPAKT

Director & Board of Supervisors

Arjon Dunnewind: director / board
Ancillary positions, subsidiary functions and/or subsidiary activities: Chairperson of Stichting Pluto, advisor to the Cultural Department of the city of Rotterdam.

Claas Hille: chairperson and treasurer
Ancillary positions, subsidiary functions and/or subsidiary activities: Filmmaker, visual artist, Yoga teacher, board member Foundation Lila Sachel (Stichting Lila Sachel), board member Foundation Pluto (Stichting Pluto)

Edward Akintola (Akin) Hubbard: board member
Ancillary positions, subsidiary functions and/or subsidiary activities: Assistant Professor Arts & Society (Utrecht University)

Imar de Vries: board member
Ancillary positions, subsidiary functions and/or subsidiary activities: Assistant Professor New Media & Digital Culture (Utrecht University)


At IMPAKT you can do an internship focusing on production, PR, curating and management assistance. Most of these internships are available throughout the year without set deadlines or time periods. However, keep in mind that some functions might not be available on certain times of the year depending on our specific needs for that period. 

Within IMPAKT, we believe in giving our interns a diverse set of tasks with which they can learn the many facets that come with work in the cultural field. Therefore, most of our interns don’t focus on a single element, but take on a mix between different tasks. For example, you can have an internship that focuses both on productional work and PR work.

Interns at IMPAKT get a monthly internship compensation. At 32 hours per week (4 days), this is €236 per month. If you’re doing an internship of less hours, we adjust internship compensations accordingly. Additionally, any travel costs made for your internship can be reimbursed.

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Arjon Dunnewind (General and Artistic Director)

Chris Stoop (Head of Operations)

Daniela Tenenbaum (Curator and Programme coordinator)

Bram Koning (General and Technical Production)

Beau Magdelijns (Head of PR & Marketing)

Lars Bleijenberg (PR & Marketing)

Sjoerd Dijkstra (Financial Administration)

Thomas van ‘t Groenewout (PR & Marketing)

Andrej Kapor (Online Bar Host and Programme Assistance)

Simon Kelaita (Technical Production)

Philine Kreuzer (CODE Production)

Paul Schmidt (Curator and Volunteer Coordinator)

Michael Van Rosmalen (IT and Technical Support)


Alana van der Valk

Francisca Markus

Laura Rodriguez

David van Dansik



The team at IMPAKT is happy to receive proposals for collaboration from artists, makers, thinkers, curators, etc. who are inspired by our diverse programme. In order to make the submission process more efficient, we ask that you submit your proposal via the form in the link below. 

We aim to respond to every proposal we receive. However, due to the volume of proposals that are submitted this is not always possible. Therefore, if you don’t hear from us within two weeks, please assume that we don’t see a possibility to present your work. We do not respond to general proposals that lack a connection to themes and interests of IMPAKT.

IMPAKT Proposals Form

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