Video Linearity

Video Linearity

The National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) in Moscow present VideoFormat [Linearity], an exhibition on notions of linearity in contemporary video art. The exhibition has been co-curated by Arjon Dunnewind / Impakt.

Plays with linearity are a remarkable and re-occurring feature in contemporary art. The introduction of video into the art world has added the element of time to the artist’s palette. Video has also made artists deal with movement in a more complex way. While often drawing from the achievements of cinema, contemporary artists have furthermore added important values to our visual language. The exhibition format provides the artist with a context essentially different from that of cinema.


Artists included in the show are:
Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukács (The Netherlands), Guido van der Werve (The Netherlands), Camille Verbunt (The Netherlands), Yves Netzhammer (Switzerland), Reynold Reynolds (USA/Germany), Corinna Schnitt (Germany), Bruno Wank (Germany), Martina Wolf (Germany), Alexandra Dementyeva (Belgium), Alexandra Mitlyanskaya (Russia), Provmyza group (Russia), Rafael Roa (Spain), Andrey Syailev (Russia) and Sarah Tremlett (Great Britain)

More information on the exhibition can be found on the website of the NCCA



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