Impakt Highlights: Dimension Play at SPLIT Film Festival

Impakt Highlights: Dimension Play at SPLIT Film Festival

Impakt was invited to present Dimension Play at the Split International Festival of New Film. The Split festival takes place every year in Split, Croatia. The festival focusses on new, innovative, personal, experimental and radical works of all genres, preferably from outside the mainstream. The Impakt Highlights: Dimension Play focusses on artists and filmmakers that play with perspective scale and dimension in their work. Not only visual artists but also animation filmmakers and performance artists use these techniques to create imaginary worlds, alienating visions or surreal sceneries.

The program includes works by artists that were shown at the previously Impakt Festival.


Listing of works in the program:
Johanna Reich, BLACK HOLE(Germany, 2009)
Camille Verbunt, BEAUTIFUL (The Netherlands, 2008)
Shana Moulton, SAND SAGA (USA, 2008)
Floris Kaayk, THE ORIGIN OF CREATURES (The Netherlands, 2010)
Camille Verbunt, SCARY MAZE (The Netherlands, 2008)
Clorinde Durand, NAUFRAGE (France, 2008)
John Butler, SUB-OPTIMAL (United Kingdom, 2007)
Oliver Husain, MOUNT SHASTA (Canada, 2008)
Marco Brambilla, CIVILIZATION (MEGAPLEX)(USA, 2008)
Pilvi Takala, REAL SNOW WHITE (Finland, The Netherlands, 2009)
Johanna Reich, LINE (Germany, 2008)

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The screening took place on September 18, 2010 in Croatia.
More information about the Impakt Highlights program and the SPLIT festival go to the website.


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