Impakt Highlights screening at Loft project ETAGI, St. Petersburg, Russia

Impakt Highlights screening at Loft project ETAGI, St. Petersburg, Russia

Interzona presents: Impakt Highlights screening at Loft project ETAGI, St. Petersburg, Russia. Impakt Highlights: Dimension Play. Date: july 3, 2010. 18.00 hours


The exhibition was shown in Loft project Etagi. A Loft is any vast space the function of which has been changed.

A loft is the upper floor, the attics, the upstairs just under the roof. Such attics were dwelled by artists in New York, and there they were exhibiting their new works for friends and bohemian colleagues. There one could see the newly made pieces of art before they would appear in galleries and museums.

Andy Warhol’s FACTORY is a classic example of a loft. Characteristic features of lofts are high ceilings, non standard interior solutions, plenty of light and preserved spirit of the past. Elements of the old interior are often used in the new design.

Loft Project ETAGI is a pioneer of loft-design in the city of St. Petersburg. Since 2007 ETAGI (which means “floors”) has been located in the very centre of the city in an industrial building of previous property of Smolninskiy bakery factory. The interior of the old factory was preserved in many elements, like concrete pillars with metal edges, a drilling machine and equipment for baking bread; and some designer features were added (the original factory floor of cast iron blocks with bright red joints and glass windows in it), as well as some luxury trimming, antique furniture and snazzy details.

Nowadays Loft Project ETAGI is a multifunctional space that consolidates under one roof: contemporary art galleries (Globe, Formula, exhibitions on the 2nd and the 4th floors), gallery-boutique of Russian and Baltic clothes designers Backstage, 59.6 – shop of vintage clothes, LoftWineBar selling  wines and salads, and cafe “The Green Room”.

Loft Project Etagi was recently the location where the foundation Impakt its ‘Dimension Play’ exhibited. The contents of this program is shown on our internet site at ‘Impakt Abroad, Barcelona Loops’.


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