Impakt does Mexico

Impakt does Mexico

Impakt will be on an exciting Mexico-tour in February and March. On invitation by several dynamic and independant organizations, based in Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara, the goal is to show some of the highlights that Impakt has been screening on the Mexican premises, connecting to young artists and sharing ideas.

Impakt owes great thanks to SOMA, Object Not Found and Festival NRMAL.

Confirmed screenings:

SOMA at Cine Tonala theater, Mexico City: IMPAKT Screening “MEANWHILE, 5749 miles from here”
Ilga Minjon 2 March 2013, 19 h
This screening for SOMA aims to give an overview of the best videos from Impakt’s recent screening programs, featuring Dutch makers’ highlights and videos that were produced by former Impakt artists in residence. What topics are artists dealing with in the Netherlands, and what drives Impakt as a foundation for media culture to present and co-produce these? The videos hold a wide range of concerns, from absurdist conspiracy theories, to appropriated image culture and production of meaning through the internet – with strategies of deconstruction or humor, forceful existentialism or graphic styles.

NRMAL FESTIVAL 2013 opening night / @111999555, Monterrey: IMPAKT Screening “Never Really MALicious”
Ilga Minjon 6 March 2013
This screening shows an overview of video art from the finest depths of the artistic underground, presented by Impakt, foundation for critical media culture in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The videos and projects stem from a preoccupation with unsettling aesthetics, are often music related and show new perspectives on the critically bizarre and oppositional, using tactics of humour and provocation and dealing with indestructible themes like violence, sex, mind games and visual culture.


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