IMPAKT at Retune Festival, Berlin

IMPAKT at Retune Festival, Berlin


Panel organised in collaboration with the Retune Festival in Berlin

Silent Green, main stage and discussion area, 15:00-15:30 27 September 2018, Silent Green Berlin

The development of deep and reinforcement learning algorithms has expanded the range of technologies available to today’s artists and designers to include self-learning systems that are not only tools and techniques, but creative partners in their own right. With their help, artists can generate new texts, sounds and images based on their chosen data, explore questions of machine perception and imagine futures of human and machine co-existence. What are the new forms of storytelling, design and expression made possible with machine learning? How do these tools influence the artist?

With: Albert Barqué-Duran, Appu Shaji (Mobius Labs) and Samim Winiger (

Curated and moderated by Luba Elliott (co-curator of the Impakt Festival 2018 and Creative AI researcher)




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