IMPAKT at Videonale Bonn, Germany

23 February 2019

IMPAKT at Videonale Bonn, Germany

In collaboration with the Videonale Bonn IMPAKT will present the panel:

Controlling Datapolis. Power Structures in Augmented Realities and Digital Urban Landscapes

Saturday 23 February

Talk with Yasemin Keskintepe, Stéphanie Lagarde (V.17), Albert Meijer, Sander Veenhof
Moderator: Arjon Dunnewind

When we navigate urban environments we can easily access information but there is also a lot of data extracted from us. What kinds of regulation can protect us from abuse? How can we support democracy and enhance citizen participation? What does protest and civic disobedience look like in the digital city? And how can we make sure that augmented realities in urban spaces remain free and open and not colonized by commerce?

The panel takes place in cooperation with the Videonale Bonn



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