KFFK: Short Film Festival Cologne

Highlights of the IMPAKT Festival

KFFK: Short Film Festival Cologne

From 16 – 21 November 2021 IMPAKT curates a special programme at the KFFK (Short Film Festival Köln), featuring some of the highlights from the last editions of the IMPAKT Festival. We live in an image-saturated world where the digital renders how we perceive people and places. How can our bodies and the natural world still come to matter? What value does physical intimacy still have?

Here are selected short films from the IMPAKT Festival by Dutch filmmakers Donna Verheijden, Melanie Bonajo, and Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács. ‘Kiss the Sky – Eye Trick the I’ parades a composite of impressions, weaving us in and out of reality and its image; ‘Night Soil – Economy of Love’ reflects on intimacy and sex work via a female perspective; and both ‘Forest on Location’ and ‘Establishing Eden’ are unequivocal in their digital depiction of vast historic lands and the delicate nature of their existence.

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