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A Manifold of Maybes

The existential uncertainty posed by the open-endedness of the future seems to be of all times and places. Everywhere people look for omens of good fortune or fateful catastrophes, imagine, predict, and speculate. This screening programme seeks to show different figurations of ways in which we are directed towards the openness of the future as a manifold of maybes.

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The star system was the method of creating, promoting and exploiting stars in Hollywood films. Movie studios would select promising actors and glamorize and create personas for them, putting an emphasis on the image rather than the acting.

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Nothing Replaces Work

Despite the fact that more and more work can be done by AI and algorithms, and physical labor is making way for service work, exhaustion seems more pervasive than ever.

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Homo Ludens: Man the Player

Games are often seen as a sphere apart or an escape from reality, but is that really true? This program shows the many ways in which game and play are entangled with our daily lives.

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With the focus on the concept of the cyborg, which is a being with both organic and mechanic parts, this program explores different conceptions of a cybernetic organism.

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Systematic Review

A valuable trait of the human species is our ability to collect, systematize, constantly upgrade and distribute information for the purpose of creating knowledge. One manifestation of this ability is the development of science.

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