#099 Lost and found in Translation
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The Future of the Past
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#096 Moral Panic: Innocence Lost
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With the IMPAKT Channel, we open up our programme and extensive archive of video art to audiences around the globe. Tune in at any moment and discover our selection of curated web-projects, thematic video programmes and individual video artworks from our archive. With the curated Web-projects you navigate some of the most pressing debates, with presentations, interviews and artworks from artists and leading experts. Each web-project focuses on specific questions or trends in media culture, such as: conspiracy theories, the stress of internet life and our future with cyborgs. The Video programmes are selections of video’s from the IMPAKT archive, created especially around urgent contemporary themes, including gender, our relation to technology or internet cultures. In the Video Archive section you can browse through all the individual video artworks from the IMPAKT Archive. Watch works by renowned artists from the earliest days of film and video up to the current day.

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