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#042 Order at the Border

This Impakt Channel program is based on the Panorama Screening “Order at the Border” that was part of the Impakt Festival edition of 2013.

Political, ideological or religious authority can face collective resistance which questions the concept of what is right. But resistance can also consist of a personal gesture. Sometimes within society’s order, sometimes on its margins and sometimes even outside society.

Films in this programme

This Lemon tastes of Apple
Hiwa K
(IR 2011, 6:15 mins)
Survivors of the massive gas attack in Northern Iraq in 1988 say deadly chemicals smelled of apple. During the Arab uprising, also...
Visiting Joint Surveillance Area
Tae Eun Kim
(S.K 2011, 5:55)
The Korean film Joint Security Area (2000) was shot in deserted village of Panmunjeom in the demilitarised zone between North and South...
Kelman Duran and Hyesung Moon
(U.S 2012, 19:06 mins)
Even when removed from civilisation, man cannot escape capitalism’s structures. A portrait of a difficult position outside society....
A Holy Order
Ben Fain
(U.S 2012, 19:34 mins)
Locations: a family-oriented parade in Chicago; Facebook; an ambulance and a car wash. An absurdist collage of bizarre interventions...
The Amateur Scientist
Tom Sherman
(CAN 2012, 5:53 mins)
Conspiracy theories about the government suppressing scientific information leads an amateur to conduct old-fashioned, empirical...
Duro Gavran
(CR 2013, 11:20 mins)
Unfortunately, this video is not available on the Impakt Channel, but you can see a trailer here instead. Sixteen years after the war, a...
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