Films in this programme


Curated by Inez de Coo. Inez created this programme in relation to the eponymous Panorama film programme of IMPAKT Festival 2010.

Good architecture is a visual adventure, a sculpture allowing you to submerge in. Our urban and industrial landscapes reflect history and their public spaces are arenas which harbour unexpected forms of interaction.

Inez de Coo graduated from Leiden University. She works as a curator, programmer and producer at IMPAKT.

Films in this programme

Endless Cities_Redux
(UK 2009, 4:36 MINS)
As the world population continues to move to urban centres, growing numbers of people contest a limited supply of space as their place...
Brilliant City
(UK 2008, 14:16 mins)
The title refers to the location, a residential complex comprised of 25 highrises in the northern part of Shanghai, China. It is...
Picture The Homeless Tent City
Not An Alternative
(US 2009, 15:54 mins)
Video from the tent city that was installed in East Harlem on July 23rd 2009. Not An Alternative teamed up with Picture The Homeless,...
11 Fragments of Japan
Paulien Oltheten
(JP 2009, 20:28 mins)
The public domain and human behaviour is the starting point for the work of Paulien Oltheten (1982). Through photographs and video...
City of Progress
Justin Bennett
(NL 2009, 11:00 mins)

“A city could start like this drawing: first there’s an empty space and then an event:a dot on the paper.” The video traces the...
Future Past Perfect
Carsten Nicolai
(DE 2009, 3:43 mins)
On a quiet autumn evening in Tokyo, a man is trying to get a small bottle of tea from a machine, but instead he is treated to a small...
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