Films in this programme


Curated by Marina Papazyan.
Marina Papazyan is a student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. She worked for Impakt in 2017 and curated this program as part of her activities for Impakt.

Not all recent images fill our memory, in fact most are buried until a moment of recovery or retrieval. The videos in this program recover and retrieve past images and individuals’ stories. This is what Deleuze willfully called the archeology of the present, which does not take us ‘’to prehistory, but to the deserted layers of our times which bury our own phantoms.’’

Films in this programme

Chillida (Forms and Feelings)
Falke Pisano
(The Netherlands 2006, 13:40 mins)
In Chillida (Forms and Feelings) the artist reacts to a series of sculptures by Eduardo Chillida taken by David Finn. The ostensible...
Cleopatra’s Teeth
Mike Kiburz
(United States 2008, 17:00 mins)
An oral historian's obsessions with the famed ruler of ancient Egypt. A montage of love letters, dental decay, cavities and general oral...
Untitled (The Remake)
Stefanos Tsivopoulos
(GREECE, 2007, 14:08 mins)
Untitled (The Remake) combines archival footage from the years of the 1967-1973 military dictatorship in Greece which depicts official...
Seeing Bush Through Trees
Jan van Nuenen
(The Netherlands 2002, 02:01 mins)
Logos of notorious multinationals are creating a distorted portrait of the even more notorious G. W. Bush. Bio: After his education at...
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