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#065 Down the Rabbit Hole

Curated by Mengxi Wang, who created this programme as part of her internship at IMPAKT. The programme was developed in relation to the 2018 IMPAKT theme of Post-Truth.

Is the search for reality like an endless sliding-down-and-into the rabbit hole? Or, is it just a temporary tunnel that can lead to a more stable answer? When and how do we make a conscious decision on any given situation? Welcome to the Rabbit Hole!

In physicist Vlatko Vedral’s 2010 book Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information, he gives a story about a painter. The painter walks into his garden and decides to paint the garden in all its minute detail. Upon finishing, however, he realizes that he himself is missing from the painting, so he adds himself. Now, he has the painting he wanted.

But a second later, he realizes that the painting is incomplete, because the totality of the situation is: a garden, the painter and a painting with a painter painting. So he starts again, but when he finishes he realizes that also the new painting fails to capture the new totality, because the painting should have a garden and a painting with a painter painting a painting with a painter in it. He starts again and again but never manages to paint the garden in all its minute detail.

If reality cannot be accepted as an object-in-itself to be grappled from the outside, what are the ethical and political implications? If the observer is understood to be an inextricable part of reality, how does this affects our definitions of objectivity, truth, neutrality, bias, etc.?

Films in this programme

The Box
Richard Fenwick
(UK 2007, 9:15 mins)
A city dweller’s anonymous life suddenly becomes the subject of a mysterious televised signal. A spooky conceptual thriller that shows...
Zeno’s Paradox
Robert Arnold
(US 2003, 5:13 mins)
An experimental digital video exploring the illusions of cinematic movement and depth as corollaries of Zeno’s paradox: There is no...
All People is Plastic
Harald Hund
(2005 Austria, 12:29 mins)
Everybody in the city does the same, looks the same. Remote-controlled. Living to work in a big corporation, getting one day off at the...
Tony Hill
(UK 2015, 3:31 mins)
A spinning camera finds new perspectives on some portraits and other things. Strangely the world does not become an abstract blur but...
Michael Langoth
(Austria 1991, 3:45 mins)
Back to the beginning or the race against time. In Michael Langoth’s multi-award-winning video from 1991, a normal homebound returner...
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