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#070 I Shop Therefore I Am

This programme was curated by Jakub Sepesi in 2019, as part of his internship at IMPAKT.

In the 1920s Edward Bernays wondered how he could remove the negative connotations associated with the concept of propaganda, and deploy it in times of peace. In search for an answer, he turned to his uncle Sigmund Freud’s philosophy – of humans being driven by their subconscious desires. Bernays introduced his new concept of ‘public relations’ to American corporations which could use it to make people want things they didn’t need, by linking mass-produced goods to their unconscious desires.

This film program looks at the world where a consumerist way of life and obsession with possessions is slowly driving us towards an uncertain future. We have found ourselves in a time when our way of life is not sustainable anymore, when we are facing increasing inequalities between social groups and most importantly, our environment is undergoing changes we can’t foresee. How can we reverse this trajectory if our economies’ cornerstone is based on constant growth? Could the paradigm shift proposed by Kate Raworth be the answer?

Films in this programme

The Catalogue
Chris Oakley
(UK 2004, 05:41 mins)
In The Catalogue Chris Oakley presents the scenario of a perfect world of consumption, where a video surveillance system films the...
Stimulate Surprise
Dan Rees
(UK 2016, 07:04 mins)
Stimulate Surprise is a rebranding of a laver bread product by a New York advertising agency, Sid Lee. The product named “Bafa...
Parallel Paradises: Ecuador
Manuel Saiz
(EC 2007, 8:00 min)
The interaction between the lama, who belongs to the land of moors, with the supermarket is perturbing. She wanders lost in the codified...
Future Past Perfect Pt. 3
Carsten Nicolai
(DE 2009, 3:43 mins)
On a quiet autumn evening in Tokyo, a man is trying to get a small bottle of tea from a machine, but instead he is treated to a small...
We Could Have Helped
Cecilia Lundqvist
(SE, 2008, 1:57 mins)
We Could Have Helped is an animated video. Three men in costumes represent rich men with power and possession. People who actually have...
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