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#071 Lamina of the Land

This programme was curated by Victor Evink in 2019, as part of his internship at IMPAKT.

Passing through space, transportational infrastructure crosses landscapes without seeming to interact with them.

Standing still or walking in landscapes – residential, urban, industrial or rural – with another pace or from another angle than they are designed to be interacted with raises questions about how transportation technology and the urban society it allows, not only reshapes mental distance maps in the subjective experience of humans, but also reshapes landscapes physically themselves.

Films in this programme

Alex Herzog & Bernd Wuertz
(DE 2006, 04:55 mins)
Audiovisual poem of the forest and its almost timeless existence through the seasons, day and night, birth and decay.
Ciclovia: Bogotá, Colombia
(CO 2007, 09:41 mins)
Started in Bogotá, Colombia, as early as 1974, a municipal initiative to temporarily close roads for cars to make space for bicyclists...
Cobra Mist
Emily Richardson
(UK 2008, 06:54 mins)
Immersive portrait of a deserted landscape marked by industrial, military ruins, that gives a very vivid experience of a...
Invisible Cities
Julio Soto
(US 2002, 07:40 mins)
Post-apocalyptic audiovisual reflection on the city as the embodiment of civilisation on the level of both the personal human experience...
Operation Jane Walk
Leonhard Müllner & Robin Klengel
(AT 2018, 16:14)
Armed City Tour in post-apocalyptic New York, where the destruction of long distance traffic has created surreal open infrastructure...
Gunilla Heilborn & Mårten Nilsson
(SE 2015, 12:22 mins)
Portrait of a small group of people tricked and trapped into a cult-like survivalist life in the Scandinavian woods.
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