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#076 Nothing Replaces Work

Curated by Seung-A Lee.

Seung-A created this programme in 2019 as part of her internship at IMPAKT, inspired by the IMPAKT Panorama programme 'Survival of the Fittest' from 2006.

Despite the fact that more and more work can be done by AI and algorithms, and physical labor is making way for service work, exhaustion seems more pervasive than ever.

Borders between work and leisure time have become blurred, especially for those working online for their many global employers. How has this affected the Marxist concept of alienation? As things are, it still seems to be difficult for many to replace work with free time, even if they are able. Perhaps because, in the end, we are social animals. While others are working, a separation from society tends to occur and feelings of loneliness often arise. Also, it is worth considering in what way we are influenced by a collective ethic of employment. How does your occupation affect your identity?

Films in this programme

Work in Progress
Brent Coughenour
(US 2011, 13:17 mins)
There’s something unnerving about a robot that resembles a human. Instead of listening to that fear we should instead focus on the...
The Stroker
Pilvi Takala
(UK 2018, 15:16 mins)
The film shows how people negotiate the dilemma of being mediated bodies under social pressure, and how such responses are controlled by...
Power Play
Cecilia Lundqvist
(SE 2004, 10:52 mins)
Power Play is an animated video, consisting of ten different scenes in which two men compete in emphasizing their manhood, using...
Polis X
Erkka Nissinen
(FI 2012, 13:40 mins)
Pig Shit Tit Ass Sailor is just one of Polis's residents who, like politicians, porn actors and stray tourists, encounter an unhealthy...
City of Work: Module 2
Michael Lewy
(US 2013, 6:48 mins)
Part of a project by the artist, illustrating the dystopian society where work is all encompassing, vacation is chosen by lottery and...
Ghosts with Shit Jobs
Chris McCawley, Jim Morrison, Jim Munroe, Tate Young
(US 2012, 2:29 mins, trailer)
In 2040, a generation of Torontonians have grown up after the economic collapse of the west. The movie consists of episodes of a...
Tim Shore
(UK 2006, 18:16 mins)
In Cabinet, Tim Shore pursues a disturbing message through the spaces of the American landscape. An associative framework of found...
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