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#077 Stardom

Curated by Jonas Schupp.

Jonas created this programme in 2019 as part of his internship at IMPAKT, inspired by the eponymous IMPAKT Panorama programme of 2002.

The star system was the method of creating, promoting and exploiting stars in Hollywood films. Movie studios would select promising actors and glamorize and create personas for them, putting an emphasis on the image rather than the acting.

In our contemporary media landscape with its corresponding attention economy, there has been a change in classifying who should be considered a celebrity. Fueled by reality television and Web 2.0 people get control over their own media representations, whereby any ordinary person can become a ‘personality’. With the following result, a new group of ‘digital’ celebrities consisting of successful bloggers, vloggers and Instafamous personalities.

This new type of celebrity is more of a mindset about the way in which we represent ourselves on social media, a phenomenon called micro-celebrity. This has nothing to do with the number of followers, you don’t even have to be human, but it consists out of a number of star culture practices that “ordinary people” use to increase their online attention and popularity. To what extent do traditional celebrities and micro-celebrities differ and match?

This programme about stardom examines among other things notions of appearance, performance, identity, representation, intimacy, ordinariness, success, consumption and authenticity, but also about the obsession, frustration and jealousy associated with the desire to be a real star.

Films in this programme

My Aunt Superstar
Igor Sevcuk
(NL 2002. 2:14 mins)
Sevcuk depicts his aunt’s mundane life through the lens of a superstar persona. The visual adult life, partaking in various...
Crazy Girls
Jesper Nordahl
(LV 2001, 8:25)
The crazy girls dance through neglected streets singing songs everyone is familiar with. Oblivious to their surroundings, they try to...
I Am a Boyband
Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay
(CA 2002, 5:00 mins)
The language of love songs and representations of pop masculinity are explored as the artist performs all four parts of a boyband...
Look Alike #23: Robert de Niro
Taryn Fitzgerald
(US 2001, 2:24 mins)
Look-alikes 2001-2002 is a series of short video portraits that explore the psyche of ordinary people who think they look or are often...
Looking for Alfred
Johan Grimonprez
(BE/UK 2005, 10:04 mins)
Obsessed with de/reconstructing our corrupted visions of media, celebrity and appearance, Johan Grimonprez assembled a bewildering...
Marius Dybwad Brandrud
(SE 2010, 11:00 mins)
“It took us 7 years. My mother and me. We were trying to make the perfect photo of me.”
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