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#081 Open Call for Works

With the Open Call for Works, IMPAKT offers artists the opportunity to show their work on the IMPAKT Channel in the time of Corona. These four works have been selected in the category “open theme – recent work” and show the work of promising contemporary artists, full of poetic contrasts that tell us more about our current position as human beings in a constantly changing world.

The selected works reflect on our current society and how technology is integrated in it in various ways. In the work Rocha Matriz we view the production networks of ornamental stones from the perspective of an alien consciousness, in Silicon Sights the physical and the digital merge in a parallel world, Desire Line offers insight into the ‘thought process’ of a bot in the search for an optimal solution for the user’s problem and Swallow Up examines our relationship with the infinite, in which the vastness of space is placed next to the claustrophobia of our internal worlds.

Films in this programme

Silicon Sights
Adam Centko
(2020, 08:21)
Silicon Sights is a fictional exploration of a hypothetical border, between the physical land- scapes and their digital replicas,...
Desire Line
Ruini Shi
(2018, 6:59)
A “desire line” is an architectural term for the informal paths that pedestrians create through open grassland. What these lines...
Swallow Up
Ruth Waters
(2019, 8:33)
‘Swallow Up’ is an 8 minute single channel video which features interviews with Astronaut Naoko Yamazaki and Space Psychologist...
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