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#082 Love in the Time of Corona

Open Call for Works

With this Open Call for Works, IMPAKT offers artists a platform to show their work in the time of Corona. These four works have been selected in the category “Love in the Time of Corona”. How this period is experienced depends on perspective and circumstances and  the works in this category offer very different interpretations of the theme.

In this Channel programme we see the alienation in society in the distance between people, nature and technology, and how this connects and divides us. Dawn Chorus is an investigation into the online survival of the call of an extinct bird, Technological Nature creates atmospheric phenomena indoors in a quest for artificial nature, Quaranteener Manifesto offers a manifesto for the crowd staying indoors and in The Man Who Went Outside, we observe the disturbing logic of the outside world from the perspective of a man going out for the very first time.


Films in this programme

The Man Who Went Outside
Jennet Thomas
(2008, 10:06)
A distinguished looking man (performance artist Richard Layzell) is trapped in an ever changing void of colour, locked in a power play...
Quaranteener Manifesto
Lydia Moyer
(2020, 04:09)
A rogue transmission from deep in the mountains of the USA. A distant observation of the great crowds tossed about by unemployment,...
Technological Nature
Daria Jelonek
(2017, 03:54)
Lights in your fridge or observe the sunset in your artificial panorama window? How would you feel about technology which can recreate...
Dawn Chorus
Salvador Miranda
(2020, 6:18)
Video essay on the extinction of the Kauai O'o bird, and its digital life in online media.
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