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#085 Mediated Sensations: How Does it Make You Feel?

This channel was curated by Phoebe Toh as part of her internship at IMPAKT in 2020.

The ASMR internet culture has created a certain physical connection without a physical medium by highlighting subjective experience in a world of technological advancements that lacks physical touch and connection. Mainly shared through YouTube, the materiality of video and film seems to have become long forgotten – or unnecessary in the ASMR movement. Yet a very big part of ASMR culture is the object of touch – what is being caressed, smoothened or clanged against? Materiality in ASMR culture is no longer about the video itself, but rather centres around the object of touch and the material sensation these interactions generate.


Combining YouTube with experimental cinema, this programme underlines the connection between one’s inner self with the outer world – how do we touch and how do we feel? What is the role of sound in the mediation of touch and sensation? As we challenge the capacities  of our perception and senses, we discover the ways in which we relate to our own skin, where physical stimuli is no longer a limitation. In this programme, we no longer bask in the peace within ourselves, but also extend our senses to feel the discomfort of touching and feeling what is not physically there.

Films in this programme

Harleigh Shaw
Playing with gooey white and cardboard blue. The sounds and visuals from this work entices us to question what makes us uncomfortable.
(US, 2013,10 MINS)
A young woman caresses her webcam as if it were the viewer’s body. Role-play is a big element in ASMR, especially during the early...
Hautnah – Skinflick
Thorsten Fleisch
(DE, 2002, 7:30, 16mm)
A work, working with skin: fingerprints, skin and leather.
How does it make you feel?
(FR, 2002, 3:40)
“How does it make you feel?  How does it make you feel?  How does it make you feel?  How does it make you feel?”
Birthday Suit
Lisa Steele
(CA, 1974, 12:00)
Revealing a personal history through the evidence of body marks, and at the same time undermining the commodified image of spotless...
Mustererkenntnis / Pattern Cognition
Thorsten Fleisch
(GR, 2019, 7:20)
Bombardment of a flickering screen accompanied with thrilling audio. This work might make you hypersensitive to the other sounds in your...
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