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#086 Unfolding (self) portraits

This Channel was curated by Cătălina Stanislav as part of her internship at IMPAKT in 2020

The relationship between women and their bodies is complex and this is very much visible in how they relate to sexuality, as well as to motherhood and childbirth, in what they show to the world and what they keep in the private sphere. The programme focuses on sexuality and other forms in which we understand our own bodies. The works pendulate between the intimate, the private, and the public. They stand at the junction between the written word and the moving image, between literature and video, between the material body and text. 

Films in this programme

Art Parade
M.M. Serra, US 2011, 5:33
Art Parade is a meditation on staring and display, and on the ambiguous energies that emanate from both. Much of the film is dominated...
Me and Rubyfruit
Sadie Benning, US, 1990, 5:30
Based on a novel by Rita Mae Brown, Me and Rubyfruit chronicles the enchantment of teenage lesbian love against a backdrop of...
Golden Bowl, or Repression
Chris Kraus, US 1988, 12:23
In The Golden Bowl, or Repression, inspired partly by the Henry James novel, you can feel the hangover of 70’s New York: bankruptcy,...
L’Amour Fou
M.M. Serra, US 1992, 16:36
A curious meditation on the pleasures and terrors of s/m, in which interviews with enthusiasts collide with choice porn clips, Fleisher...
The Abortion Diaries
Penny Lane, US 2005, 30:14
The Abortion Diaries gives voice to an important but silenced community: women who have had abortions. Over a million American women...
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