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#087 Capitalist Adaptability

A new selection of videos on the IMPAKT Channel
This programme was created by Nina Mitova as part of her internship in 2020.

The Capitalist Adaptability programme reflects our adaptability to the merciless competition of capitalism. Each work provides different perspectives from which individuals engage in the capitalist world and compromise their individuality. 

The films represent the effect of capitalism through the eyes of its victims. Efficiency is essential to capitalism; well-being is secondary.  Thus, our world becomes overrun by robotic individuals who fade into a hyper-competitive system that belittles their welfare. Although adaptability would be a highly valued quality in other contexts, in this case, it has pressured a large population of the world into a Catch-22 situation. It prompts the question – how controllable is capitalism? What if we refuse to adapt to its ruthless system?

Films in this programme

Monsieur Tête
Jan Lencia
(FR, 1959, 12:46 min)
An experimental and intellectual animated film which represents the last effort of Giannalberto Bendazzi.
Jesse Drew
(US 1995, 9:11)
Marx meets Mickey Mouse in this now-classic cartoon version of the Communist Manifesto.
Hooray the Economy is Booming!
Mark O'Connell
(US 1997, 3:31)
Optimizer Customizer
Jan van Nuenen
(NL 2002, 12:09)
A feminine machine, over-stuffed with the most modern nano-technology, proceeds her endless repeating task. When something goes wrong, a...
Supposed To
Aleesa Cohene
(CA 2006, 7:26)
Supposed To examines how work in a capitalist system divides us from ourselves. Work often succeeds at limiting our individual agency...
Human Trial
Butler Brothers
(UK 2005, 4:37)
An extraordinary rendition to a chamber of commerce.
David Harvey: The Crises of Capitalism
RSA Animate, David Harvey
(UK 2010, 11:10)
In this RSA Animate, radical social theorist David Harvey asks if it is time to look beyond capitalism towards a new social order that...
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