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#091 Re(al) Connection with the Public Space

Breaking through our smartphone bubbles

As people move from place to place, they are always in their own world. In the digital era, our smartphones will always give us something to do in the empty moments. Also, with COVID-19, people are more alienated from each other than ever. The rise of individualism has made random encounters in public a scarcity, and the pandemic has only worsened it. The public space has become nothing more but a necessity. But what happens when we put down our phones and break this imaginary bubble we are in? Are we able to reconnect with the public space and the strangers we encounter within?

The only possible way to reconnect is by paying real attention to the present moment. The public space is eminently a good place to practice this, because these are the transitional spaces, where nothing else matters but this present moment. If we pay real attention to one another, it could not only help us live in the now, but also bring us closer together in times of estrangement and strengthen our sense of compassion for one another. 

This programme was created by Sabine Persijn as part of her Internship in 2020

Films in this programme

Eine Kurzstrecke
Jeroen Kooijmans
(NL 2000, 3:01 min)
“I was in Berlin for a working period of 1 month and searching for German humor. Eventually I made a short movie in the daily...
Public Spaces
Martijn Veldhoen
(NL 2006, 11:01 min)
Once ‘public space’ was a clear concept. It was a kind democratic medium that could be accessed by everyone, safely and freely...
The Box
Jes Benstock
(UK 1996, 5:01 min)
The Box shows the estrangement one can feel when the world around them is moving too fast and no one seems to take the time to stand...
Easy Rider
Pilvi Takala
(FI/NL 2006, 4:35 min)
Easy Rider takes place on a tram in Amsterdam, where a young man is asking a bit too much from a stranger. In only a few minutes the...
Alexander Herzog
(DE 2004, 4:21 min)
Twelve persons performing air guitar in urban surroundings.The sound, a composition of guitar samples, is combined with ultra dynamic...
11 fragments of Japan (excerpt)
Paulien Oltheten
(NL/JP 2009, 9:23 min)
For the video ’11 fragments of Japan’, Paulien Oltheten really shows how she gets things done. She does this by asking people to...
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